Monday, April 3, 2017

The world gets smaller every day

The world gets smaller every day and economic success locally and on the international level depends on cultural differences and diversity.
The first step to tackle this challenge and generate business success, it is necessary to realize these differences and diversities and to take these facts into consideration when doing business with foreign nationals and foreign companies.
These facts are not only relevant for big companies on the international business level but also for small businesses when they are interested in being successful with their own company. Even if the small company is not yet active on the international market this company may have indirect connections to foreign cultures. This connection is already given when they employ foreign nationals. In such a situation mutual, equal thoughtfulness and respect is the way to go for business success.
I offer my expertise in this area to organizations, companies and private businesses as a consultant.
As a keynote speaker I arouse awareness for cultural differences and diversity in business processes and private life focused on the United States, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. For this goal I offer individualized consulting and education sessions like webinars or seminars.
My goal is to optimize projects and company processes with the consideration of the different and diverse business culture aspects. This service is also available locally in house.
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