Monday, September 11, 2017

Irma is closing in on Key West

The hurricane is just moving over the lower keys northwards to the west coast of Florida. After Key West the next big city that will be hit is Fort Myers and Naples. We hope everybody is save there.
In Fort Lauderdale we have strong winds and heavy rain. The streets are empty and no cars are on the roads. The palm trees show the power of the hurricane wind forces and many trees in residential areas were uprooted and felt down. The result are car damages and torn down power lines.
The police and the sheriff will not come and investigate any damages or vandalism. First responders also cannot help as long as the wind forces are too strong. Therefore, please stay save and inside your homes until you get the information in the news that it is save to leave your shelter.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hurricane Irma has shifted more to the west

Irma is still swirling along the northern coast of Cuba, but soon the hurricane will turn northward towards the Florida Keys. The high pressure system in the Atlantic and the low pressure system in the area of New Orleans pushed Irma more to the west. That means that Miami and Fort Lauderdale, my home town, is not in the direct cone, but we will still get hurricane strong winds and lots of rain.
The winds and rain has already started, because the outer bands of the monster storm Irma have already arrived. When the path does not change based on the surrounding weather pattern, then we will only get hurricane strong winds and rain at the east coast, but not the full blown devastation like expected.
We may be the luckier ones, but our friends and neighbors in the lower keys and Key West as well as the west coast residents will get the worst part of Irma. We hope that they are good prepared or better have already left the area. We wish them all the best and keep them in our prayers.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hurricane warning is issued for South Florida

As Hurricane Irma gets closer and closer, the preparation time for the storm comes to an end. Tonight at 9pm Supermarkets will close their doors for business until Irma has passed.
South Florida, the southern tip of the peninsula, is under hurricane and storm surge warning. These warnings are from the Jupiter Inlet to Bonita Springs on the west coast. The evacuation zones are expanded further inland, because it is predicted that Irma will make landfall at the southern tip of Florida and will move from there northward in the middle of the peninsula over land.
Hurricane Irma will lose strength when it makes landfall but it will be still strong enough to cause great damage. Therefore, if you could not leave, stay indoors, preferable in a room without any windows. Keep your hurricane supply at your side and listen to the news.
Please be aware, you are on your own during the storm. No first responders will be able to help you until the hurricane has passed.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Irma comes closer

Hurricane Irma is on her way straight to the southern tip of the peninsula of Florida and the mandatory evacuation is ordered for the areas of the southern part of the Dade County and the southeastern area of the coast. The evacuation is in effect and residents of that areas must be gone by Thursday afternoon until further notice. The shelters are open, but these shelters should be reserved to persons who cannot go anywhere else.
Please do not forget your pets and food and water for them. Please be aware, there are special shelters for animals and their family. Pets are not allowed in every shelter.
If you have a car and family in other regions of Florida, leave the evacuation zones now. Besides the strong winds which can damage the homes and bring down tree limbs, the high storm surge is the biggest threat due to the low land level in the evacuation zones.
Therefore, please listen to the news and take the word of Governor Scott to your heart: Homes can be rebuilt, but not a life.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hurricane Irma is knocking at the doo

Irma is touring close to Puerto Rica as a hurricane in the highest category – Cat 5 – and has already damaged many homes in the tropical islands in that area. But the storm is moving close over the Antilles to Cuba and from there it is predicted to turn northward to South Florida.
South-Florida is also preparing for the hurricane Irma, which will make landfall in our area on Saturday. Governor Scott already is in Miami and addresses the storm and the preparation efforts.
It is not much time to prepare and get ready. So we should get out now and get our supply – water and food for at least 3 to 5 days and gas for the next days. Even when you will not need all for yourself, help your neighbor.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

It is not always recommended to flee the police.

In Florida a person at the beach was suspected by the police to consume drugs und the suspect tried to escape. At the beach there is only one direction to escape – the open waters.

To escape the police, the suspect jumped into the water and swam towards the horizon. However, the suspect did not consider that there are fish in the ocean and many of them are big and hungry. A big fish, a shark, had already chosen the suspect as its next meal and followed him.

To rescue the suspect, the police distracted the shark with speedboats and got the suspect out of the waters. The try to escape the police was really unnecessary because the police always get their guy.
Es zahlt sich nicht aus, vor der Polizei zu fliehen

In Florida ist eine Person am Strand von der Polizei beim vermuteten Drogenkonsum erwischt worden und versuchte zu fliehen. Am Strand gibt es nur eine Richtung der Flucht – das Meer.

Um den Polizisten zu entkommen, flüchtet sich der Verdächtige ins Meer und schwamm hinaus. Was der Verdächtige nicht bedachte, es gibt im Fische und zwar große, hungrige Fische. Ein besonders großer Fisch, ein Hai, hat sich den Flüchtling als Mahlzeit ausgesucht und verfolgte ihn.

Um dem Verdächtigen zu retten, verscheuchten eilig hinaus gesandte Schnellboote den Hai und fischten den Verdächtigen aus den Fluten. Die Flucht war wirklich unnötig, denn die Polizei bekommt immer ihre Beute.