Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane warning is issued for South Florida

As Hurricane Irma gets closer and closer, the preparation time for the storm comes to an end. Tonight at 9pm Supermarkets will close their doors for business until Irma has passed.
South Florida, the southern tip of the peninsula, is under hurricane and storm surge warning. These warnings are from the Jupiter Inlet to Bonita Springs on the west coast. The evacuation zones are expanded further inland, because it is predicted that Irma will make landfall at the southern tip of Florida and will move from there northward in the middle of the peninsula over land.
Hurricane Irma will lose strength when it makes landfall but it will be still strong enough to cause great damage. Therefore, if you could not leave, stay indoors, preferable in a room without any windows. Keep your hurricane supply at your side and listen to the news.
Please be aware, you are on your own during the storm. No first responders will be able to help you until the hurricane has passed.
Let’s stick together. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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