Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When stopped - don't not leave your car

When stopped - don't not leave your car

We already educate Florida visitors and tourists on our information portal www.florida-informations.com about the important custom and rules when travelling in the United States for years. However, some information needs to be stressed constantly to make sure that it is known and keeps you save.

In many countries it is common to leave your car when you are stopped by the police or the road troopers. Such a behavior can have bad consequences for you as the driver. As long as you stay in your car when stopped on the street or road you are in a save spot. As soon as you leave the car such movements are interpreted by the law enforcement officer as a threat and they are allowed to protect themselves with all necessary force.

Therefore, never leave your car unless the officer tells you to do so. Also do not show any aggressive movements or speech because nearly every officer has either a dash cam or even a body cam that records every move not only for your protection but also for the protection of the officer. Disrespectful behavior is recorded and can be use as evidence later.  

Stay save when travelling in the United States and Florida. The many officers on the roads are there for your safety and are often there to assist you. So be nice to them and respect them.

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