Monday, January 23, 2017

Airport in Fort Lauderdale

Shooting at the Airport in Fort Lauderdale

Sadly, my home town Fort Lauderdale is today in the breaking news because of a shooting at the international airport. I hoped never to read such news but such an event can never be prevented. There are always people that do not have respect for life. They do not care for anyone and even the strictest gun laws will prevent such events.

The tragic event happened in the arrival area where the travelers pick up their checked baggage. The shooter was based on the existing regulations allowed to transport a weapon in his checked baggage and when he arrived, he picked up his bags and loaded his gun in a bathroom. He shot five people dead and wounded several others who were transported to the hospital for treatment.

However, our Sherriff and his officers as well as the first responders did a great job to help the people and they caught the shooter quickly. As we later learnt the shooter is a mentally disturbed veteran from Alaska who lived in South Florida a few years ago.

Because of this incident the airport was shut down and the service is expected to resume on Saturday when all crime scene investigations are finished.

Nevertheless, the airport in my home town Fort Lauderdale is safe and I am not afraid to go everywhere because I know and trust the authorities and the law enforcement. I will make my next trip also from that airport and I invite you to Fort Lauderdale – the Venice of America – to enjoy our life style.

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