Friday, February 3, 2017

You are fired at the inauguration

You are fired at the inauguration

Yes, that can happen. In the United States there are several service positions in which a person is chosen and appointed by the president. In this case I am not referring to the members of the government for example the Department of Defense or Department of Justice. These positions are nominated by the president and are interrogated by the Senate. When the Senate agrees with these president’s picks they are confirmed and they can start working in the government.

But there are other positions in lower ranks that are directly appointed by the president and these positions do not need the confirmation by anyone. According to this process these positions are limited in time to the end of the presidency of the president. That means these employees have to write their letter of resignation before the president-elect is sworn in. The president-elect decides whom he wants to keep and who has to leave.

When the president decides to let go such an appointee, this person has to work exactly until the new president comes into office and one minute later he or she is out of job. That sounds hard but every appointee knows that and for them their service is not only a job but an honor and a service for the community. That is a really interesting concept that is little known.
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