Thursday, February 2, 2017

FBI under Investigation

FBI under Investigation

I do not know if you remember the last few days before the election when the FBI launched a new investigation into the email server of Mrs. Clinton. The reason for this investigation was triggered by email that were hacked by the Russians and leaked by WikiLeaks. The intention was to influence the US election by getting again attention to this issue which was already investigated and cleared in August 2016. 

When the FBI came out with this investigation we were already in the hot phase of the election and even to the policies of this agency such a handling was not appropriate. But the damage was quickly done and today it does not matter because everyone knows the result of the election.

However, the proceedings are not in line with the regulations and therefore the FBI is now investigated by the Department of Justice. We will see what the finding will be but I think it is the right way to get this process checked out to prevent such a handling in the future. Democracy is too precious as that it should be harmed in such a way.

I like this handling because there are still many democracies in the world that do not have such high standards and their people are disappointed and frustrated. The United States tackle quickly a problem and do not try to sweep it under the rug.

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